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As long as there has been gambling, there have been people who've tried to develop ways to legally beat the house at their own game. Below are some systems developed that might be able to help you reduce, or eliminate, the house's edge.

Note:The systems listed here are presented to give you an opportunity to try different strategies and betting techniques. All information presented below is provided by the developer or seller of these systems. has not verified these claims, makes no guarantees or warranties on any of these products, and in fact believes these systems likely do not work.


    Ultimate Baccarat Systems:
    Developed by H & M Enterprises. Developers have "Over 40 years combined experience in the finest Baccarat pits in Las Vegas." They also say that to be a winner at Baccarat, you need three things: 1) Patience. 2) Small Bankroll. 3) The Ultimate Baccarat System.


    Blackjack Analyzer and Assessor:
    Developed by E. Bolton. Two separate Windows computer programs. These programs develop a winning strategy for your preferred casino and the system does not require card counting. Software package allows you to practice these techniques on your computer before you risk a dime in the casinos. This product includes a 21-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

    Gambling Systems Blackjack:
    Developed by Richard Graham. Teaches an effective basic strategy and a sound money management program. System does not require card counting.

    Maximum Profit Blackjack:
    Developed by a professional gambler. During development, the author was able to acheive 20 winning sessions in a row. Information provided on website is limited.

    Perfect Blackjack:
    Developer of this system claims to average 4 out of 5 winning sessions and a profit in 2003 by following this system exactly. System deals with a negative progression that may be difficult for casinos to offset. Can be used with other even-money games such as Roulette, Craps or Baccarat.

    Precision Blackjack:
    Offers a home study program for both card counters and non counters. Includes two manuals, a video tape, and various supplements and updates.

    Statistical Blackjack Analyzer:
    Windows computer program. Fastest existing commercial Blackjack simulator with interesting and useful statistics of the game. Capable of calculating fifteen million hands per minute on a Pentium II / 266MHz. Also offers full statistics explanations.


    Gambling Systems Craps:
    Developed by Richard Graham. Offers five different systems: The $200 an Hour System, The Insiders Craps System, Win On Every Play System, World's Safest System, and 100% Protection System. All five systems can be ordered for less than the price of just one system elsewhere.

    6 to 1 Craps:
    Developed by David Lessnau. System wins six times out of seven. Over 6,000 copies of this system have been sold since it released in 1993. All play is on the pass line and usually double odds are taken. Includes an audio tape where Lessnau talks you through over 150 plays.

    Ultimate Craps System:
    Developed by Robert Skubic and tested over the last 20 years. System doesn't allow you to bet on the come out roll. Everything is done after the point is established. Requires only a small bankroll. Easy to learn and simple to use.


    Gambling Systems Racing:
    Developed by Richard Graham. Offers five different systems: The "Dutching" System, Trainer's Secret System, Secret Longshot System, Jockey's Winning System, and Winning Workout System. All five systems can be ordered for less than the price of just one system elsewhere.


    Goldmine Roulette System:
    Developed by Richard Graham. Requires a bankroll of as little as $50. System teaches how to eliminate the casino advantage using flat bets, how to gain consistent advantage over the casino, and how to practice and test this method at home.

    Mini Target Roulette:
    By clocking 38 numbers on a double zero roulette wheel, developer claims a number pattern can be observed. By betting on 6 of the frequent numbers, a win rate of over 98% is claimed. System can be played with as little as $1 bets.

Video Poker:

    Gambling Systems Video Poker:
    Developed by Richard Graham. Offers three different strategy cards, one for each of the following games: Jokers Wild, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. All correct play decisions are listed on one side of the card. Cards can be brought into the casinos and referred to as you play the games.

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