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Goals for these Reviews

The primary goal of these reviews is to help people learn about the various online poker sites, and to share experiences that we all have had as players on these sites. To accomplish this, we try to create a fair, unbiased environment where all users have an equal voice. We ask that our users do their best to post comments which help achieve these goals as well.


  1. Be Objective
  2. Be Informative
  3. Allow all users to voice their opinion
  4. To accurately summarize individual reviews
Be Objective
Reviews are ultimately a subjective thing. Each review that we do is influenced by our individual tastes and preferences. But objectivity means that we try to stick to the "facts".

The harder part of this task comes in with individual reviews from our users. Sometimes people write things which we cannot substantiate or seem to be patently false. Or, worse, they use inappropriate language in their posts. By and large, we do not wish to sensor anyone's review. So we think carefully before we remove any review. But, in order to keep the site running smoothly, we do sometimes have to unfortunately remove reviews. We try to do this objectively, basing the decision on factors other than the rating or tone in the review, regardless of whether it conflicts with our own review.

We do need to let you know that Cruzino.com is an affiliate to some of the poker sites listed here. If you find our information useful, we hope that you'll sign up through our site to join, as we do get a small "finder's fee" from the poker site for your signup. While we do collect these as a means to recoup some of the costs of this site, we do NOT let these affiliations influence our reviews. We have not, do not, and will not ever bias a review based on commissions or self-motivated profit. Our goal is objectivity.

Be Informative
At the end of the day, if these reviews are not informative, you have to ask if they are useful at all! So we try to capture as many details as we can, such as screenshots and factual data.

Allow all users to voice their opinion
Unlike other sites that rate various products and services, our site sets out to allow ALL users an equal vote. You do not have to sign up, give us your email address, or register for an account to be a Cruzino.com reviewer. This sometimes has the drawback that its too easy for someone to anonymously post gibberish to the site. But we feel that the only way for the site to really collect all types of input is for it to be anonymous, and completely open. This leads to the best possible information being posted on the site.

Accurately Summarize Reviews
We've broken our review process into a set of multiple-choice questions and also free-text responses. The site takes each individual review, and adds its ratings together to come up with what we feel is really easy to read summary of each site that we review.

But, we are far from perfect, so if you have suggestions, please send them in to us!

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