About Our Ads

Targetted Traffic
Cruzino.com visitors are here for very specific purposes. They are here to learn about gambling, places to gamble, and to read and write reviews.
Top-ranked search engine placements
Cruzino.com is in the top-10 placements for many Google keywords such as "las vegas casinos", "casino supplies", "roulette rules", and many others.
Limited Ad Space
Unlike many sites, Cruzino.com avoids advertisement clutter. This leaves limited space per page for advertising, but maximizes advertising revenue potential.
High Quality Ads only
No popups, popunders, javascript or animated banners are accepted. This keeps the advertising effective on the site with multiple ads. All ads are subject to editorial review from Cruzino.com.
Great rates
Cruzino.com offers highly competetive rates.

Pricing Info

Price $

Pricing is determined monthly. You pay a flat rate per month.

Contract length

Contracts run monthly; for the duration of your choice. 1 to 6 months



Distinct hosts/mo.


Ad scope

Ads are run in two scopes:
  • Run of site*
  • Hotel areas
    All advertisers spending over $1000 receive a free review as appropriate on our site.
  • Banner Ad formats

    468x60 and 125x125 and 120x600

    Text Ads

    ~100 characters (flexible)

    Who can advertise

    Non-adult market sites can advertise. For casino sites, site must be willing to be reviewed by Cruzino.com.

    * "Run of site" covers about 98% of the pages on Cruzino.com

    To Order Call Mike at 949-302-1165

    Current Rates

    Position Size Flat/Mo.
    (Hotel Areas)
    Equivalent CPM* Total Ad Spaces
    Banner Ads Top of page 468x60 $380 $280 ($5) 1
    Left/Right sidebar** 125x125 + 120x160 $300 $200 ($4) 4

    Text Ads

    Right sidebar** Paragraph
    ~100 chars
    $250 $200 ($3) 4
    * Ads are actually sold at a flat rate, this is the approximate CPM equivalent rate. ** Left/Right sidebars sometimes are switched due to page layout.

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